Get Carpet cleaning Edwardsville $99

Get Carpet cleaning Edwardsville 3 rooms $99 Our services ; We are IICRC certified and experts at cleaning any textile fabric. Our equipment is designed to leave your carpets fresh with no resoiling residue left behind. Our cleaning agents are safe for kids, pets and the environment!

If its been too long to remember the last time you had your tile and grout cleaned, then let us help you! We are not only professionals at cleaning carpet, but also cleaning tile, grout, natural stone, marble and granite!

Get Carpet cleaning Edwardsville $99

Have you taken a look at your couch or loveseat lately? Does it need a little attention? We thought so; when we are done cleaning your upholstered furniture, stains will be gone, and your furniture will smell fresh!

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Spot & Stain Removal
It’s important to remember that carpet is in fact a soft textile that need periodic maintenance in order to look its best. When carpet is first shipped out from the manufacturer a carpet protector such as 3M Scotchgard is applied. Overtime this protector wears off and will need to be reapplied in order to prevent future spots from becoming permanent stains. Scotchgard carpet protector is very important because of this reason and will also prolong the life of your carpet by protecting the carpet fibers from not wearing out prematurely.
Have you ever taken a look at your carpet only to try and guess what that spot is on the floor? Or is it a stain? Who really knows right, what’s the difference. This can open up a whole can of worms trying to figure out what’s on the carpet, how should it be removed, can it be removed, should I call a pro?
Believe it or not there is a huge difference between a spot and a stain. Spots can ordinarily be removed by using some sort of spot cleaning chemicals and spots are normally just on the surface of the carpet. Spots can be felt and will sometimes feel hard, greasy, or stiff.
Stains on the other hand are totally different.  The use of professional grade spotting agents applied by a carpet cleaning Edwardsville Il technician will definitely need to be used along with a clear understanding of what agent to use. Not all stains can be removed; even for seasoned carpet cleaners. Stains actually alter the appearance of the carpet by adding color to the fibers.
Some of the most difficult stains to remove are red and orange colored stains. Homeowners should proceed with caution if trying to remove a stain on their own, more harm than good could occur. Soap based spot cleaners should also be avoided because not only can they introduce new stains but they can cause the stain to penetrate further into the fibers.
When it comes to urine, be it animal or human, and it soaks deep into the carpet and the padding, using water alone will do NOTHING. Not only will the urine stain “wick “ back up to the surface, but it will begin to “offgas” like crazy as it dries. The only way urine can be completely removed is by calling in a professional carpet cleaner.
As soon as a spill happens on the carpet, quickly blot it up with a terry cloth towel in order to remove as much of the spilled liquid or substance as possible as quickly as possible. Keep in mind, the longer it sits on the carpet, the greater chance you have of a permanent stain on your carpet. By all means, do not rub the spot into the carpet vigorously; doing this will only drive the spot further into the fibers making it nearly impossible to remove.  By blotting the spot and not rubbing, this will allow the spot to lift from the carpet fibers and transfer onto the towel.  Also, please make sure the towel you are using is not heavily soiled already. If it is a large spill use several towels flipping them over to a dry side periodically. As always, if you are unsure as to how to remove a spot or stain, call Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning to have it removed permanently.

Edwardsville Il Carpet Cleaning Benefits
Carpet is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, floor covering material available to homeowners today. Carpet feels great and adds warmth to your home especially in the winter months. Clean carpet is critical to having a healthy home and vacuuming alone will not cut it. Routine professional carpet cleaning once a year, if not more, is what will offer the most benefits when it comes to having clean carpet year round. Carpet takes a beating from family, to pets; children so on and so forth and needs to be deep cleaned via hot water extraction or steam cleaning at the minimum of once a year in order to prevent spots from becoming permanent unsightly stains.
Many carpet cleaners use toxic chemicals to get carpet clean, Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning uses only non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable cleaning agents to loosen dirt and to clean your carpets to perfection. Our industrial grade truck mounted equipment can tackle the toughest challenges and heats water to more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit which actually sanitizes the carpet as it cleans it.

Pressurized steam loosens embedded dirt, bacteria, dust mites and anything trapped below the carpet fibers and is then sucked away outdoors into our recovery tank. Our methods of cleaning are entirely soap free, safe for all carpet types; also safe for kids, pets and the environment. Since there is no residue left behind when we finish, it will not attract dirt like some other cleaning methods do, but you will find your carpet stays cleaner longer.  Berbers, shag or frieze responds well to hot water extraction cleaning and is actually what large carpet mill manufacturers such as Shaw and Mohawk recommend.
If you are an allergy sufferer, having your carpet professionally steam cleaned can do wonders for you. Dirt and dander gets trapped in the carpet fiber from the soles of shoes and open windows, vacuuming alone can’t remove these stubborn particles. Your carpet acts sort of like a large filter and the allergy causing particles will remain trapped in the carpet fibers until removed with a deep clean.

It’s important to note that when pets and children lay on the carpet, they are within close proximity to some of these allergens which can trigger an allergic reaction. Regardless of what kind of vacuum you use be it Dyson, Shark or what have you, it will only bring these particles to the surface causing allergy irritations. Call on Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning in Edwardsville Il to remove them so that you can rest assured knowing your pets and children won’t have to worry about these stubborn allergy irritants in the carpet.

Did you know that the particles in your carpet not only cause allergy flare ups but also are what will cause your carpet to age prematurely? Microscopic dirt and other particles get driven deep into the carpet fibers from foot traffic and overtime cause the carpet to look “tired out” especially in high traffic areas.  These areas are highly noticeable and will feel different when walked on bare foot because of the amount of dirt that is trapped beneath the surface as well as the carpet starting to wear out in these areas. Eventually, the carpet will need to be replaced due to neglect. Stains act in the same manner, if left untreated. The will only become more pronounced and store bought cleaners can actually cause them to become set in. Calling on the help of a seasoned professional carpet cleaning company will save you thousands in premature replacement costs.

Simply put, time is money. And today more than one parent work in the household which results in less time. When there is time available, the last thing most homeowners want to do is spend it cleaning their carpet in Edwardsville Il.  Not to mention if you’ve ever cleaned your carpet with a Rug Doctor, you probably will never do it again. It’s very tedious, labor intensive, and can be more expensive than hiring a professional depending upon the size of your home. Most consumers find that it is not only easier to hire a professiona carpet cleaning Edwardsville Il company, but the results are 1000x’s better than trying to get the carpet clean themselves.

Carpet cleaning is an acquired trade and should be treated as such when deciding you should you hire to clean your carpet. Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning is licensed, bonded and insured for your safety. We are certified through the Inspection of Cleaning and Restoration so you know we are qualified in our trade. Our equipment is $50,000 per setup; we have the best equipment in Edwardsville Il. Our cleaning agents we use are 100% safe for kids, pets and our environment.

Why is this so important to you as a homeowner? Because you don’t want to just hire someone who isn’t experience, has portable equipment and doesn’t carry insurance. In order to get the most out of your hard earned money, it’s wise to consider the above when making an informed decision on who you are inviting into your home.
We know what we are doing when it comes to carpet cleaning. Vacuuming alone doesn’t get your carpet clean; deep cleaning with truck mounted system is what gets your carpet clean along with the general know how of what cleaning agent to use and how much to use, which yields results.

We will also give you suggestions on how to keep you carpet looking great year round in between cleanings and so forth. You can rest assured knowing you’ve made the best choice by hiring us and enjoy your free time with your kids, loved ones, or maybe just taking full advantage of your favorite hobby.

Call Fresh & Green Carpet Cleaning today so that you don’t have to worry about the tedious task of getting you Edwardsviller carpet cleaned. It takes patience, skill, professional cleaning agents along with powerful equipment to deliver the kind of results that are shown on TV commercials misleading consumers into believing they can do it themselves with ease; it’s not that simple.