Best Hand Held Carpet Cleaner Reviews

It is of much desire that we own the best handheld carpet cleaner. One that can provide all the necessary functions to clean our carpets in our homes, but what we also have to remember is that we need carpet cleaners that suit our every need as far as usability, but also making sure the carpet cleaner is on a professional level. Another thing we need to always throw into consideration is our space factor and where we are going to store our carpet cleaners.

Well in this article we are going to have a look at the best handheld carpet cleaners in the market. In this day and age we love technology, but the only issue in having good up to date devices in our home is space, with many devices these days the main objective of the building process is making sure the device fits into a small form factor because some of us aren’t able to move around a large carpet cleaner, so with all of that in mind portability is essential to our benefit of being able to use a smaller carpet cleaners to get the job done. So let’s have a look at a couple of these great portable carpet cleaners.

Best Hand Held Carpet Cleaner Reviews

Best Hand Held Carpet Cleaner

This portable carpet cleaner can be summed up in one word “professional”. This fantastic portable machine will be able to accomplish all the tasks you need in cleaning your home. Whether it be tough spots or stains from your carpet, or even in those difficult to reach places, but with the Bissell Spot Clean Portable Carpet Cleaner you can rest assure knowing you won’t have a problem. Even in your upholstery can be done with this machine, which makes all of these places that are usually impossible to reach to clean, no match for the Bissell Spot Clean.

It also includes a long reach 22 power cable so you will be able to move freely about in your home. Its 5 Flex Hose also helps to assists you in climbing into those impossible to reach places that are bugging you, with The Bissell 3624 this is no problem at all. It comes equipped with a range of accessories that you will need all included; like 6 Stairs tools for all different shapes of stairs, 3 Tough Stain tools for those stubborn stains when you really need just that little extra to get those stains that just won’t leave .

And 8oz of its fantastic professionally graded Deep Cleaning Formula formulated with you the consumer in mind, this amazing cleaning formula will definitely assist you in getting the most out of your portable carpet cleaner. One could take comfort in knowing that this portable machine really is professional with the advantage of knowing we could own one that is portable for all our cleaning needs. Still not sure if you should buy it? Read our full dedicated review for the Bissell Spot Clean here.

We all love having guests come over to our homes and when we do invite people over to our places of living. We like everything to look perfect and clean, but what happens if whilst your setting up for your get together, the kids run in and accidentally bump a bottle of wine over onto your freshly cleaned carpet. What do you do? Don’t worry with our portable carpet cleaner there is no cause for panic because we have a solution for you, read the review below.

The Bissell Spot Lifter x2 lifts spots or stains off your carpet quickly and easily. The handheld portable machine is for all your emergency spills making sure you are ready for any emergency’s that could cause permanent damage to your carpet. It’s built in stationary cleaning brush scrubs soiled stains whilst the carpet cleaner sucks ups any debris through its 7 inch nozzle which also provides o dour removal keeping it smelling fresh. One of the main benefits is that this machine is cordless so no means for unraveling unnecessary cables. We also recommend if you are after a upheld carpet cleaner from Bissell you should buy the Bissell big green deep cleaning machine it received the highest stars when we reviewed it.

The machine is 9.6v which will easily provide you with 15 minutes of full pure cleaning power. Remember to charge this machine for 24 hours before using it the first time to get the maximum out of the battery. It also includes a Dual tank system, easily fill one with fresh water and your cleaning shampoo while the other tank collects all the dirty water. Its size is only is small and portable in size and only weighing in at only 6 pounds.

Like we mentioned before, with portability we also require a carpet cleaner that is multi-purpose, in this section we going to look at just that, a machine that is small but includes a lot of features that you will need when cleaning your carpets. The Bissell Little Green is very compact, it uses a wet vacuum technology that delivers results in your carpets using a deep cleaning method .Please note this is not to be confused with Steam cleaning. It uses a powerful spray that blasts out all the dirt and grim out of the carpet whilst using a powerful suction to simultaneously clean and help in the drying process, which is all done in one step.

It then utilizes its built in hot water heater for extra enhanced results, also please note that the water that is being used when cleaning is completely separate in its own water tank away from the extraction water tank, where all of the dirty water gets sucked into. Its flexible hose makes sure there is no breakage when cleaning, and it also makes sure that water transfers are not restricted at all when entering and leaving the machine.

It has a tough-stain brush that is used to scrub out the stains that refuse to be removed. A spraying crevice tool is also included. The Crevice tool is used for spraying the clean water into the carpet to prepare the stain for removal. Showing us this fantastic portable machine is well thought up for all of our needs. It comes free with the Bissell lift off carpet cleaner so you may want to buy the upheld carpet cleaner.

This great portable carpet cleaner brings all your needs into consideration all in one go, The Bissell Spot clean portable is designed with not only your home in mind but also your caravan your lose rugs or even your motor vehicle interior. Its main focus is permanently removing spots and stains in all of your vehicles or in your homes carpeted areas. The Bissell Spot Clean uses a very handy deep reach tool that helps reach all of the embedded dirty and stained areas that are hard to clean with ease so you will not have to leave any section of your carpet dirty.

The removable tanks are very simple to remove as well so you won’t have to waste any time in cleaning out the machine when it is full or when you are done cleaning. The Bissell spotlessness ultra slim design can fit perfectly on a stair case so you can easily clean your stairs with no problem at also comes fitted with a Demo Spot and stain formula so you can see if the formula works for you and then purchase the full product for yourself.

It also includes a demo Oxygen Boost formula to try out as well. So this portable carpet cleaner has it all, it’s not only great for your carpets but also has a major advantage that you can use it for your recreational vehicles as well. Making it a worthwhile machine to have and with the Bissell name knowing you have bought a quality and reliable product. Still not sure if you should buy it? Well we featured this portable carpet cleaner in our list of the best home carpet cleaners in 2014.

The Future is upon us, gone are the days of us having to do all the cleaning ourselves. The Bissell spot bot carpet cleaner is more than your average cleaning machine. This little companion does all the work for you. The spot bot has smart technology that uses hands free operation ,meaning you can choose a setting you want the portable carpet cleaner to do, and simply walk away at this machine will handle the rest. The Bissell spot bot pet carpet cleaner has been specifically designed to work on its own. It includes features like deep reach technology to get right into the carpet to remove stains and spots, whilst you relax. it also featured on our list of the best upholstery cleaner for your car 2014.

This fun and effective machine also includes a manual feature so when you want to tackle your stairs or give your upholstery a good clean you can achieve this manually. It removes both the surface stains as well any set in stains that might be causing you a problem. It has a powerful 3 amp motor so you can rest assured knowing it will be able to get the job done every time. This machine is designed for all of your carpet areas.

It being portable and light so you can clean your vehicles as well. All round the spot bot is on the cutting edge of technology. It works whilst you play. This is ideal for someone who wishes to achieve other tasks whilst the machine does the work in the background. This portable machine will really show your friends and family that you are ahead of the times.

Earlier we had a look at another Bissell machine which was the little green pro compact, although the Compact is a good machine the Little Green Turbo is designed for those really tough traffic areas or grubby stains that just won’t come out. The Little Green Pro Turbo adds just that little extra that you might need to get those pesky stains right out. Using its Compact wet multi-purpose vacuum it delivers its great results using a deep cleaning method which is what you will need when you have a problem area.

Next its Powerful spray works hard to get deep into the carpet to disperse all the dirt or stains, whilst all of this is taking place the machines powerful motor is sucking the remaining dirt in its keeping your carpets fresh and dirt free. The Bissell little green comes built-in with a heating system which insures that your carpets get the very best cleaning results. The carpet cleaners fantastic Turbo Brush scrubs and gets any really stubborn dirt or stains.

The Bis sell little green is great for any home and will help especially if you have any serious trouble areas in your home, without having all the trouble of having to hire a professional to come and clean your home. Besides all of its great features this powerful carpet cleaner measures in at a much smaller portable size. In plain words it’s very compact in size without having to sacrifice a good powerful machine. This machine also only weighs an easily transportable 11.65 pounds. Why not read the full review here.